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New Moon Dvd

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You can buy the 2-disc Special Edition Twilight: New Moon Dvd online AND watch it INSTANTLY on your computer while you wait for it to arrive. click here to watch or buy the NEW MOON DVD NOW.

Well the release of the Twilight Saga:Eclipse at the cinemas has yet again been a smashing success for – no surprise really hey?  Already it is obvious that Twilight Eclipse is a huge box office success, making over 35 million dollars in the first couple of days alone and it’s bound to continue.  Twilight fans have an added incentive to see Eclipse again on it’s first weekend as over the weekend cast members will be appearing at various cinemas across America.  What a delight it would be for the Twilight fan to go to watch Twilight Eclipse and see Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner there as well!!

The next big question for Twilight fans is when is the Eclipse dvd release date??  Well, of course, it’s too soon to know the official Eclipse dvd release date, but we can guess it will be about 120 days away – but who’s counting?! Pre-orders for the Twilight Eclipse dvd will probably be about 60 days away.  And soon we will probably start to hear about what bonuses we can expect along with the Eclipse dvd release.  Stay tuned – we shall keep you posted….

For information on the Eclipse dvd release date go to Eclipse Dvd Release date.

The Twilight Saga New Moon Dvd has been selling like hot cakes since it’s release on 20th March.  It has been even more in demand than the first Twilight Saga: Twilight!  And the Twilight merchandise available is proving to be very popular with fans.

There are so many cool T shirts available now.  There is heaps of stuff for Twilight fans.  Just click on the link to have a look.  My favorite Twilight New Moon t-shirt is “Everything is fine until someone gets a papercut”

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New Moon Dvd

New Moon Dvd - photo by Summit Entertainment

Hey Twilight fans!! Here’s some great news. The New Moon Dvd Release date at this stage is approximately late March, 2010.  And we would expect it to be available for pre order soon.  A good way to go if you want to secure your copy. If the release date remains the same (sometimes it changes), the New Moon Dvd will be out about the same time that the Twilight Dvd was.  (We have even heard rumours on Yahoo that it might be out in February, not March; though March seems more likely at this stage)

It is being released by Ingram Entertainment; and, like Twilight will be available as either the normal Dvd or the Special Edition Dvd. The Special Edition Dvd, according to Director Chris Weitz, has a good ten minutes of never-seen-before footage included in the release that is not in the theatrical version. It also contains interviews with the cast, cast commentaries and behind the scenes footage.

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Twilight New Moon fans all over the world are awaiting the New Moon Dvd Release. The only movie over the last 12 months that could possibly top ‘Twilight’ in terms of popularity is the second in the Twilight Saga: ‘New Moon’. Twilight was the hottest Dvd release of 2009 selling over 3 million copies just on the first day of its release alone. The New Moon Dvd Release is expected to be even hotter with many sure to pre-order so they don’t miss out.

Summit Entertainment, the company who is responsible for the production of Twilight and New Moon have recently announced that the New Moon Dvd release will be accompanied by the release “Twilight in Forks”. “Twilight in Forks – The Saga of The Real Town” is a new documentary film that Summit Entertainment has just bought the rights to distribute. It is directed by three time Emmy award winner Jason Brown.

“Twilight in Forks” shows the town of Forks where Twilight was filmed – showing the Forks high school, stories of the people living in Forks and the legends of the area. Fans will hear from the real life people living in Forks and how some are even mistaken as the Twilight characters Bella and Alice. Its release, alongside the New Moon Dvd release date is expected to be early 2010.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, the New Moon Dvd release will be the second movie to come from the phenomenally successful books written by Stephenie Meyer: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. ‘New Moon’ continues the story of young, forbidden love between a vampire and a mortal, taking it to new levels of intrigue, suspense and action.

In the New Moon movie….Bella has just survived a vampire attack on her and is looking forward to celebrating her 18th birthday with her vampire love Edward and his family. It is then that disaster almost strikes as Bella gets a paper-cut producing a drop of blood that Jasper (a member of the Cullen family) can’t resist. In order to protect Bella, Edward leaves her and the Cullen family leave the town of Forks.

Bella is heartbroken and depressed and turns to her good and loyal friend Jacob for comfort. But there’s something about Jacob Bella doesn’t realize yet – and as Bella is haunted by an enemy from the past she is thrown into the dangerous world of werewolves and vampires.

With a very talented and attractive cast including Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Green and Dakota Fanning directed by Chris Weitz – the New Moon Dvd release is sure to live up to people’s expectations.

We will keep you posted on this site as soon as the release date is known, and when it is available for order.

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