Robert Pattinson

Everyone wants to be bitten by the sexy Robert Pattinson, but are you asking yourself who is this person? If you are you are lost, be about to be found! He is best known for playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight series.

The common nickname that people know him by is R-patz. He was born on the 13th of May in 1986 in London. Not many people know but his middle name is Thomas and he stands about 6 feet tall. So ladies, you are in luck this gorgeous man has a nice accent to go along with those good looks! His smile helps a bit too, very mysterious!

His first job was at the age of 12 doing modeling. At that time his mother worked for a modeling agency. After a few years his modeling career went to a halt which he blames this on him growing up to be too much of a manly figure. That modeling agency must be kicking themselves now!

When he started acting he was at a young age of 15 and did a few plays at that time. Then in 2003 is when he got a fairly large role in the Harry Potter movie. But nothing has been as popular as the vampire series! Did you know that he beat out 3000 other hopefuls for the role of Edward Cullen?

How many of you ladies dream of him playing a piano for you? That is one of his many hidden talents. He even wrote a version of Bella’s Lullaby. His other hidden talent is that he can play the guitar too!

According to many polls and magazines Robert Pattinson is one of the most gorgeous men in this current time. How many other men can be this popular with the ladies of all ages? Is it the fact that he plays a modern day Romeo for all those romantics or perhaps just his good looks? Can you decide?

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