With the Twilight Saga: Eclipse due out in theaters on June 30th, we will not have too long to wait afterwards for the Eclipse Dvd release date.

Whilst no official date has been set for the Eclipse Dvd release date, or for pre-orders, we can be fairly certain it will follow the same pattern as Twilight and New Moon.

Both Twilight and New Moon released their Dvd’s 4 months after they were released in the theaters. So, it is highly likely that the Eclipse Dvd release date could also be 4 months after June 30th. That would make it around the end of October.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the previous Twilight Dvd releases have been on a Saturday to accomodate weekend ‘dvd release’ parties to celebrate the dvd’s being available. These have become quite the event, with guest appearances from some of the cast, and are very popular with fans. Bearing this in mind, it is also possible they will do the same sort of thing for the Eclipse dvd release date; perhaps making it on a Saturday again in order to have the dvd release parties on the weekend.

Eclipse is the movie that has even more action and drama, so it will hopefully appeal to the guys as well as the girls. With the release of Eclipse, just around the corner there is lots of new Twilight merchandise to choose from.

We shall keep you posted as more information becomes available regarding the Eclipse dvd release date. Until then, happy Twilighting!

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New Moon Edward bracelet
50% Off New Moon Merch at HotTopic.com

You can buy Twilight New Moon merchandise at half price at the moment from Hot Topic. You can get a silver bracelet with a quote from Edward on it (as pictured) or the Robert Pattinson albumn or Taylor Lautner albumn all for under $10.
There are also lots of other hoodies, t shirts, jewelry boxes, candle holders, purses….. lots of cool stuff. There are also lots of clothes that Bella wears, including her Twilight New Moon party dress at New Moon Clothes – Bella.

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon – The Official Illustrated Movie Companion is available. It contains behind the scenes pictures and never seen before images, exclusive interviews and more.

The Twilight Saga New Moon The Official Illustrated Movie Companion

The Twilight Saga New Moon The Official Illustrated Movie Companion

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK has been released early by Atlantic Records due to the overwhelming demand. This is definitely the most awaited soundtrack of the year. It has already reached no 2 spot in billboard 200 chart, and no. 1 with itunes in Australia. Buy the New Moon Soundtrack today at Hottopic.com!

When you buy the Twilight New Moon CD the cover actually folds out into a cool poster – as shown.

The Twilight Saga  New Moon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

125x125 - New Moon Exclusive Poster and Tee - Hott

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Twilight New Moon Bella's party dress

Twilight New Moon Bella's party dress

Are you inspired by Bella’s Twilight clothes and simple but distinctive style?
There are some great replicas of Bella’s Twilight New Moon clothes and Twilight clothes available. Especially for those that want something a little different and more subtle. I personally love Bella’s party dress from hot topic (just type in ‘bella dress’ in search box – you’ll find it!). Great to wear for a party! You can also get Bella’s green jacket – the one that she’s often seen in in Twilight and New Moon. Now that the Eclipse release date is just around the corner, Eclipse merchandise is also available now.

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