New Moon Movie Premiere

New Moon Premiere Robert Pattinson

New Moon Premiere Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson was quite chatty at the “New Moon” premiere, happily signing autographs, taking his time on the red carpet.

Robert says about New Moon “It seems a bit bigger… ten times bigger,”… “But it’s so nice knowing that the movie can live up to the hype.”

Robert is self-composed, charming and calm considering the huge change in his lifestyle since his phenomenal rise to fame. “I’m surprisingly calm” he said at the premier.

“I’m so happy I have something to tell my grandkids.. when I’m an old man …this is what it was like when I was actually big” Rob Pattinson said smiling. Robert says about the movie again, “it’s good, it’s really good”.

Well, that’s very reassuring coming from one of the actors themselves. Can’t wait to see it!!!


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