Looking to buy Twilight jewelry?

There are some wonderful replicas of Twilight jewelry available from Emitations.  You can get the beautiful twilight inspired Bella charm bracelet and even a replica of the very popular Twilight Bella’s engagement/ wedding ring.

Bellas wedding rings

Twilight inspired jewelry

5 out of 6 customers who reviewed the Twilight inspired Bella’s wedding ring gave it a “5″ star rating.  One customer reviewer wrote: 
“I completely adore this ring!!!!!!!  This ring is absolutely perfect in every way.  It’s old and yet modern.  I bought it 2 months ago and never take it off….” – Sarah
Twilight jewelry

Twilight inspired jewelry


BELLA’S CHARM BRACELET -  Received an average 4.5 star rating.  One customer wrote: “LOVE IT! I love Twilight and I love this bracelet – it’s perfect!   I get lots of compliments!  It goes with everything!  I love it!” – Daniella

Twilight Saga fans are now anxiously awaiting the Eclipse dvd release. With the release of Eclipse, Bella’s engagement ring will be even more popular.

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